About Us

Kick starting an information blog took some time for me, but when I eventually did start, it feels great! To take you on a quick self-introduction tour, I have been closely watching since sometime from different corners, how money matters and settlements are worked out in a separation and divorce event.

What amazes me is how people are clueless on where to start from and how to reach a decent financial stand point. Of course, the family and friends are the main source of information. But, the risk is everybody suggests as per their understanding and experience. That does not necessarily translates into a feasible solution for your case. Agree?

Read further.

I have closely worked with legal professionals, counsellors and social workers, who often deal with family separation and relationship break downs and associated stresses. All my observations are expressed in this site are meant to throw some light on these issues, that people find hard to address.

As a reader, you have all right to disagree to my views put up on this site. The site posts are meant to spread awareness, so that realistic expectations are set up before venturing to finish legalities of the separation and divorce.

I would be particularly writing about retirement fund splitting, child supports, alimony, capital gains’ rightful owner, and any other topic that is related to monetary part and its settlement in the divorce case.

About the site name. Isn’t that interesting? We are talking about real money here, the cash payment towards various responsibilities, well in advance. You are not waiting for the school to get over, or the spouse to incur expenses to pay the monetary part!!! Do you?  What better way than to put it straight forward that we are talking about cash, online!

I hope you will find the site useful.